How To Protect Your Router

The cyber criminals mainly target Internet routers. Most of these criminals can access your routers very easy especially where there are no proper security measures. A cyber attacker can perform some activities once he gains access to the router. This puts your computer at risk. For instance, the cyber attacker might do the following:

  • He might direct your computer to other websites
  • Monitoring your activities on the website
  • Blocking all or some of the websites
  • Controlling your computer remotelykpoiuio;lo

Someone who gains access to the router can have access and control over your life. You, therefore, need to ensure that your router is secure. The most commonly employed technique for securing the router involves the removal of the wireless SOHO router.

Everyone can employ this technique although it is very sophisticated. However, there are some effective tactics which are easier which can be employed by anyone. These tactics help in increasing your router’s security.

These are some of the effective tactics that you can use to improve the security of your router.

Avoiding default IPs

The common default IP ranges are predictable in nature. This makes CSRF attacks easier. You should, therefore, have an IP address which is not predictable. This is the simplest and successful technique that you can employ to avoid CSRF attack.

Avoid using default password

Your password matters a lot. Default password should not be used for the internet routers. An entire product line is likely to have a common password. Weak passwords should also be avoided. A good password should have a combination of symbols, letters, and numbers.

Updating your firmware regularly

Always ensure that your router’s firmware is up-to-date. The older versions of firmware are very prone to attackers. Ensure that you have the latest firmware and update it on a regular basis.

Never forget to log out your router after configuring it

The router should be logged out when iiikl;';jihuiguigoihot is not in use. Not all routers can log out automatically. You can also set it to log out itself automatically when it is not in use for a specified period of time.


Turning on encryption and turning off WPS

Attackers find it easier to attack your router when they are connected to it. The use of WPS ensures that your router is secured. You are encouraged to use AES which is backed wit WPA2. This is usually protected with a very strong passkey which is 26 characters long.
The measures described above will help to increase the awareness about your router’s safety and security.


Factors Considered When Choosing Mathematics Teacher

Mathematics is one of the subjects hated by kids. This subject involves a lot of concepts and formulas some of which are hard for the kids to understand. This might make kids perform poorly on this subject as they get discouraged. However, there are some young kids who find the subject very easy to understand.

The slow learning kids should put more effort to excel in this subject. Parents should look for institutions having a good reputation and those taught by competent mathematics teachers. The following factors will be useful when you are looking for a mathematics teacher for your kid. Teaching techniques and skills most teachers have knowledge and skills on their teaching subject.

Teachers are required to be knowledgeable anaXasdbfghjhfgfdd skilful as they teach kids during mathematics lessons. Parents have a responsibility of determining the teaching techniques and skills of the math teacher. This helps in ensuring that the kids can properly and easily understand the subject.


Motivating the kids

Other than techniques and skills, it is also imperative for the maths teachers to known how kids are motivated to learn. Teachers should realize that teaching is not all about their career and salary. The kid should be motivated to study. Motivating them this way helps them in learning the value of persistence and patience which can be helpful to them since it improves their skills and knowledge about math.

Promoting imagination and creativity

Kids are very energetic, and they love playing. They might lose their focus wherever they are distracted especially during their classes. The chosen teachers should, therefore, have a wide creativity and imagination. This is the best way which can be used by the instructors to entice their kids to be attentive to their discussion.

This helps in ensuring that the kids learn mathematics more efficiently. Teachers can promote creativity by using appropriate fun games in their lessons. The process f creating and using games makes the kids participate in a math lesson. Games are one of the most effective ways of learning.

Should be patient

As a mathematics teacher, you sh;poiuydtsrzx;;ould be very patient. You must realize that kids learn new subjects and things easily, but mathematics is a bit challenging for kids. You must, therefore, be very patient when teaching kids to ensure that they understand the subject properly.


Managing the classroom properly

The teacher should be in a position to manage his or her classroom properly. This is crucial in ensuring that the kids learn the subjects with ease, it also helps in getting rid of any distractions during the class time.