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Best Positions to Install Security Cameras in a Small Business

Securing your business facility is an important thing for most entrepreneurs. Studies show that a lot of business burglaries occur each year. The common points of entry are front doors, back doors, and first-floor windows. These statistics make it easy to know where you should place your security cameras in and around your business premises.

When you install security in your business, you can easily catch intruders and help security agencies to track down perpetrators by availing visual evidence of a crime. The security cameras help to prevent break-ins by deterring potential burglars from gaining access to your business. As you know, burglars choose the path that offers minimal resistance. If the burglars approach your business and realize you have an alarm system or security cameras, they are less likely to break into your house.

Front Door Security

business security cameraTaking into account where intruders are likely to gain access, the front door remains to the best place to set up a security camera. The front door camera ought to face the visitors as they approach. In this location, the camera ought to visible to the visitors but should be out of reach. Ensure you place it as high as possible.

Back Door Security

Do you know that backdoors are common break-in locations? That is because they are less visible as compared to front doors, and they provide quick and convenient access to the business. Just like the front doors, ensure you set up the security camera high up and visible to every person.

Interior Cameras

The best places to set up security cameras in your business are outdoors, to monitor intruders or deter them from attempting to gain access. However, interior cameras are also effective for both detection and deterrence. It is a good idea to have indoor cameras that monitor indoor space. If you have interior rooms or offices with prized collections or valuables, you should install an indoor camera. That will give you peace of mind as you can be sure your business is safe.

cctv cameraIf your business has a basement, you should install a camera on the stairway, to capture images and motion of an intruder moving up the stairs. The camera installed in this location ought to have motion-detection and night vision capabilities. Also, the cameras you install should not look like real security cameras as they can be spotted easily.