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Hair Loss Guide

There are different approaches which are applied by women to take care of their hair. All these methods work for the specific needs. This article is going to discuss the available options for hair loss which includes surgery, medical treatments, natural remedies as well as the different types of hair growth supplements.

Effective hair loss treatments.


It is also referred to as Rogaine. This is a topical regrowth treatment for women hair. It is approved by FDA. Rogaine is a brand containing an active ingredient b known as Minoxidil. This ingredient works effectively by penetrating the scalp thereby awakening the shrinking follicles. This brings them back to the original shapes.

Minoxidil is very efficient in treating the following types of hair loss:

  • Telogen effluvium –this is caused by traumatizing life events like surgery and extreme stress
  • Androgenic alopecia- it is the most common type of hair loss

Laser treatment

This is a hair loss treatment designed for women which alightingcts as an alternative to the hair transplant. This method is painless, and it is not associated with any side effects. Laser wavelengths work by penetrating the scalp thereby energizing your hair follicles. It also promotes the flow of blood to the cells as well as preventing the build-up of DHT.


In-Office Therapy

This method of treatment has been proven to have a success rate of 80-85%. It is used for treating hair loss and thinning. The laser procedure is more affordable compared to hair transplants. The cost for treatment method ranges from 3000-400$ per year.

Hair loss natural remedies

Most people are not comfortable with the conventional medications. Natural remedies offer an alternative option for such people. The natural remedies have no side effects associated with them.

These natural remedies include the esoilssential oils which promote hair growth. They include rosemary oil, coconut oil, and emu oil. Massaging your scalp with natural oil provides nourishment to the hair. This helps in slowing down the shedding of hair.


Emu oil, for instance, penetrates the skin easily interfering with the creation of unnecessary DHT thus preventing the loss of hair. Other natural solutions apart from the essential oils include onion juice, nettle, feverfew, rosemary and apple cider vinegar all of which boosts the growth of hair and preventing hair loss.

Hair growth shampoos

There are numerous brands of shampoos used for growth. The shampoo chosen should have ingredients which are chemical free. Shampoos help in preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth.