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5 Liquor Brands Your Home Bar Needs

Most people have a home bar. It serves as a good resting place after a busy day at work. Therefore, you need to stock it up well with the variety at Snoqualmie Liquor. Some liquor brands should be there in your home bar. The top brands that represent different tastes are what should feature in every home bar. Here are the five most important liquor brands that your home bar should have.

The leading liquor brands for home bars

Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker is amongst the most selling liquor in the Bottle of wineworld. Your home bar should have this brand on its shelves to cater for whiskey lovers. Johnnie Walker is a premium whiskey from Scotland. It is popular because of its fine taste. For people who love quality liquor, Johnnie Walker is one of those brand to consider.


Smirnoff is probably the most popular vodka brand in the world. The number of sales suggests that Smirnoff is the most popular vodka. It originates from Russia. As a leading brand, your home bar needs to stock Smirnoff in plenty since most people love this brand. There are different flavors of Smirnoff that the home bar should stock just to ensure that you have a variety of options.


Originating from Ireland, Jameson is one of the best liquor brands that any home bar should have. It is a popular whiskey loved by many people. Just like other top brands, Jameson has a distinct taste that makes it unique among other brands. Therefore, a good home bar should not miss this unique taste of whiskey on the shelves.


glass of wineCiroc is a type of vodka that originates from France. It is the most selling French liquor globally. Ciroc has a close association with high-class. People visiting a home bar would just love to enjoy the unique taste of this liquor. Therefore, it is of great importance for any home bar to stock it.

Jose Cuervo

This is the leading tequila brand in the world. Any home bar should have a tequila stocked in it. This is the best brand of tequila. Of course, there are other tequila brands, but a good home bar should have Jose Cuervo. There can be other tequilas to supplement this one. This Mexican tequila is popular because of its liquor strength. A shot or two of this tequila will get one in good spirit.