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6 Top Reason To Buy A Scooter

Scooters are no longer the stereotypical poor man’s mode of transport. Over the recent past, they have risen in popularity thanks to better models with better speeds, more comfort and the increasing awareness of their benefits over other modes of transport. Finding the best scooter is not as difficult as many people think.

Why buy a scooter

1. To save on fuel

For most people, gas accounts for a major portion of their monthly expenses. This is no surprise as the cost of gasoline has skyrocketed costing many times what it used to cost. For example, in 1970, a gallon cost only 36 cents while in 2013, the same gallon was retailing at $ 3.80. The business Insider recently reported that rising gas prices could threaten the American way of life.

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SUVs and large trucks are no longer sustainable because they make little economic sense. A scooter can comfortably get you 60 miles per gallon compared to only 14 miles per gallon when driving a truck. The bottom line is that a scooter can give you substantial savings on your fuel expenses.

2. To beat traffic jams

With the increase in population in most cities in the US, traffic snarl-ups have become more of a common phenomenon than it was years ago. According to an Urban Mobility Report published in 2010, Chicago, Northwest Indiana and Washington DC drivers wasted 70 hours in traffic and about $ 1738 in fuel costs.

Another report estimates that traffic congestion cost Americans $124b annually. With a scooter, you will not be included in such statistics. A scooter is light and maneuvering through heavy traffic is easy because of its relatively small size. You are not likely to get in trouble with the cops for that. Lane splitting is perfectly legal in most states.

3. Lower insurance and maintenance costs

In May 2016 CNBC reported that “car insurance rates are rising at the fastest rate in almost 13 years” A report by AAA noted that a premium for an average man with good driving record rose by about 10 percent from 2015 to 2016. It is no secret that you will probably be paying a higher figure in premiums for your auto insurance by next year. It’s a different story all the same with scooters. You can get quotes of as low as $75 a year. The cost of spare parts and service is also remarkably low compared to motor vehicles and motorbikes.

4. More friendly to the environment

Carbon dioxide and other fumes generated by motor vehicles have been blamed for global warming. A typical vehicle produces about 4.7 tons of the greenhouse gas per year. Scooters have much smaller engines, and their carbon dioxide emission is way lower than that of the average automobile. Therefore, choosing a scooter over a motor vehicle will lower your carbon footprint.

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5. The joy of open riding

As much as risk is involved, there is a certain thrill that comes with open riding. Maybe it’s because you can feel the wind beating against your body or it’s the feeling of being more connected with the surroundings that make riding a scooter such fun. It is certainly more enjoyable that being stuck behind the wheel of some truck.

6. No trouble with parking

These days, it is tough to find a good parking spot especially if you live in a big city. When you do, you can expect to be charged exorbitantly even in places where parking should be free such as malls and supermarkets. If you own a scooter, you almost never have to worry about parking. It is not as difficult to find a free slot, and in many places parking is free.