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3 Reasons to Visit Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful country located in the southeast of Asia. The Indian ocean borders a large part of Thailand. There are many tropical beaches found in this country which makes it a beautiful place to get away and relax. Many ancient ruins and historical sites lie in this country, make sure you have a Thai translator to help you interact with the locals. There are some religious sites in this country with visiting as well. The country is rainy from June from October, cool from November to February, and this is when there are the most visitors and hot from March to May. There are many reasons you should visit this beautiful country and here are some of them.

1. Culture

Thailand has beautiful people and friendly too. It was given its nickname land of smiles because the people are always happy and in a good mood there. It is even hard to imagine an angry Thai. They have an interesting culture that is entirely different from what we know. The people of Thailand believe that ghosts exist, and all their houses have spirit houses that are given a location by a monk on the day of inauguration. Thailand’s people are extremely patriotic to their country, and they love their country. Their love for Thailand might even rub off on you.

2. Landscape

The landscape in the country is breathtaking, with many shades of green. Tall mountains surround a cluster of temples, and they look gorgeous. You can also take a relaxing cruise on bamboo rafts across rivers. This is an experience worth traveling for. There are many archaeological sites there, and this is ideal for a traveler that likes exploring. There are many more awesome places to explore in Thailand. The beaches form a beautiful background and give you a great view of the horizon and the sunrise and sunset.
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3. Temples

Thailand is a Buddhist country, and they have many temples that are beautiful and worth visiting. It is filled with many impressive and renowned temples such as Wat Pho (Reclining Buddha) in Bangkok, which is one of the most impressive temples in the country. It has a forty-six-meter-long reclining Buddha that has been covered with gold leaves. There are other temples all around the country that are beautiful.

There are many more reasons and places to visit Thailand. If you have never visited Thailand, you should put it on your bucket list because it is more than worth it.